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Origin:  Montréal, Canada


Genres:  Aggressive Melodic Metal


Years Active:  2016- Present


Label:  Independent



Short Bio

All is Ashes is reawakening audiences with atomic audio. Made of equal parts extreme metal, fun-loving 80’s stadium rock, and symphonic scoring, All is Ashes continues the tradition of athletic vocals and command of the guitar that speaks to traditional metal fans and makes metal converts of their new listeners.


A veteran of many campaigns, Brian has worked with members of Steppenwolf, Russian opera singers, women’s show choirs, Jazz ensembles, and heavy metal virtuosos including Kataklysm and Skullfist.


Classically trained in guitar and music theory, Brian brings both his love of musical refinement like Dream Theater and Steve Vai, and the adolescent speed and fury of Slayer and Slipknot to the table for All is Ashes.


When he isn’t writing music for All is Ashes, Brian teaches music theory and guitar, and makes his contribution to Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Project as a Gladue Writer.



A strident young talent and voracious connoisseur of all things musical, The Mayan Menace is man behind the grand and furious voice of All is Ashes.


A skilled guitarist in his own right, Dave studied music at college before learning audio engineering that he used to record his own albums.


Dave brings a fresh perspective on old concepts, and a diverse range of musical interests ranging from extreme metal to Hip-Hop and EDM.


When he isn’t in the booth tracking vocals, Dave works on audiobooks and podcasts both as a sound engineer and also providing voice talent for various productions.


Set List

Tech Rider

Hospitality Rider


Label: Independent


Management: KAREN O'Hagan, J.D. |


Tel: 613-302-0142


Booking: - See Above


PR: - See Above


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